Look Design’s specialty is our services in both screen and digital printing on garments. Whether for personal or corporate purposes, we can assist with printing a variety of apparel in small or large quantities.


Our printing product ranges from singlets and vests, to t-shirt and long sleeve tops, hooded and zip-up jumpers, jackets, windbreakers and full corporate uniforms. We can also print signs, self-adhesive decals, caps, bags, towels, banners and sportswear for teams and clubs.

We have 6 and 8 colour automatic screen printing machines which ensure consistent image quality and our experienced printers also provide hand printing for special effects and short runs. We supply from an extensive range of styles and colours, either created in-house or as per customer request.


Our expert printers are meticulous in their skills and pay incredible attention to detail, always producing the best results that are aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting.


Standard turnaround is 2 weeks – with consideration applied to urgent cases where required/requested.


For garments and apparel we offer a large range of product to choose from at affordable pricing. Alternatively, we are also able to work with garments provided should the customer prefer.

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